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10 Mistakes in Hair Care Routine that You Should Avoid

Beautiful hair is the sign of one’s personality and beauty. But some mistakes in hair care can make your hair unmanageable and prone to breakage. If you want a head-full of lovely, gorgeous, and beautiful hair, pay attention to your hair care routine. Hair washing, drying procedures, and hairstyles all have an impact on your hair’s health and appearance. Are you doing anything wrong in taking care of your hair? Let’s see:

Mistakes in Hair Care You Can Avoid

1. Washing hair without combing!

Washing hair without a comb causes double the damage to the hair. Wet hair is easily weakened and tangled. If you want to avoid bath tangles, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb before washing. And if you have to comb your hair while taking a bath, apply conditioner and loosen the knot with your fingers.

2. Combing hair for a long time!

Combing hair more frequently increases hair fall. The best conditioner is the sebum oil, naturally produced on the scalp. You can occasionally massage the scalp with a wooden comb. This type of massage increases blood circulation to the scalp and promotes hair growth. And when combing hair, comb thoroughly from the root to tip. It naturally increases the shine of the hair.

3. Excessive usage of shampoo or conditioner!

If you use shampoo or conditioner on your hair every day, it will not benefit your hair. Instead, it can damage the hair. Excessive shampoo or conditioner reduces the hair’s shine and hair’s longevity. Excessive use of shampoo or conditioner washes away the naturally produced oil on the scalp. If you haven’t used many cosmetics for your hairstyle or do not go outside every day, wash your hair daily with water or use a light hair conditioner.

4. Conditioning hair without any need!

Excessive conditioning is a serious risk factor for hair loss. Use conditioner on your hair when it is dull, rough or unmanageable. Don’t use conditioner frequently until your hair is soft and manageable. Use conditioner once a week to keep your hair manageable. Besides using conditioner, clean your hair and scalp very well.

5. Wrapping Towel to Dry the Hair!

If you’re wrapping your hair with towels to dry the hair, refrain from it. Because if you are covering wet hair with towels, it can weaken your hair roots. And, the hair becomes dull and curly, and hair loss increases. Wipe the hair with a towel and brush the hair with your fingers. Even if it takes more time to dry the hair, it will keep it healthy.

6. Applying Direct Heat to the Hair Scalp!

Severe heat can be a major contributor to hair loss. Always apply a product to your scalp that doesn’t heat your hair or scalp. This method helps you avoid direct heat. Without using a hairdryer, let your hair air dry naturally. If you desperately need a hair dryer, always use the cold option.

7. Using Hot Iron on Wet Hair!

Never use anything hot on wet hair. Using an iron to curl or straighten wet hair can burn hair follicles. So, the hair becomes weak and breaks. The hair must be dry before using anything hot for hairstyling, even if you are in a hurry.

8. Applying hair spray on hair before ironing!

Do not use any hair spray before straightening or curling hair. If you use hair spray, you must use it after straightening and bowing with iron. Because the alcohol in the hair spray burns when heated.

9. Usually, comb the hair on the back!

Combing the hair back suddenly on any occasion is a popular thing. But if you do it regularly, the hair roots become soft, and the hair falls out.

10. Don’t Care About Torn Hair!

Bad news for girls, once the hair starts splitting, no cosmetic can fix it. The only solution is cutting the ends to prevent hair loss at the beginning. The use of extra shampoo or conditioner, curling the hair with iron and steam, and putting too much heat on the hair can be a leading causes of splitting. You have to stop these to preserve the longevity of your hair and maintain a healthy scalp.


These are the most common mistakes in hair care we usually make while taking care of our hair. However, these hair care mistakes can be avoided with a little bit of caution. Follow the rules above. Then you can easily avoid these mistakes and achieve beautiful hair in the long run.

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