Supplication Narrated by Abu Muhammad: A Profound Prayer

In the rich history of Islamic tradition and profound supplication, a significant narration comes from Abu Muhammad. He recounts the words of Abdullah Al Mausili, Rahimahullah, famously known as “Ibne Mustahir.” A man of deep piety and God-consciousness, Abdullah Al Mausili’s teachings offer a unique perspective on supplication and remembrance of Allah. The Essence of […]

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Highest Number of Holy Books Believed By Muslims

Holy books are revelations from Allah (God), which He transmitted to humans through his angel Gibrael (Gabrial). In the sequence of sending prophets and messengers to humanity, Allah Almighty conveyed his words to them through the medium of angels. Muslims refer to these divine messages as revelations (Ilmun Wahi). The angel assigned the responsibility of […]

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Prayer For Healing From Sickness and Discomfort

Maintaining Health and the Role of Faith in Healing: Insights from Islamic Teachings In the journey of life, every individual wishes to become healthy and happy. But they navigate through the inevitable cycles of wellness and illness. This natural ebb and flow of health status brings about moments of discomfort and distress, challenging their normalcy […]

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