Collection and Preservation Methods of Old Family Photos
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Collection and Preservation Methods of Old Family Photos

There is hardly a family that does not have a collection of old photographs. These old photographs were once considered an invaluable resource for proving a historical fact. Certain rules and regulations must be followed when it comes to preserving old photos. Let’s see today how to save old family photos and documents in the right way:

Do not write anything on the back of the printed photo:

Previously, there was only one way to save pictures, and that was to print them out. Many people write different types of notes behind such pictures. Do not write any notes on the backs of the pictures you collect. This can cause the image to fade and get damaged later. If you want to write any notes, write them down with a photo-safe archival pen.

Save the images in sections:

It is very important to collect images in the context of contents and incidents. Keep photos of an event or family together. Along with this, you can write a note on a separate paper.

Collect images by creating separate folders in the digital archive:

Many people these days prefer not to collect printed images but to store them in digital archives. In that case, it would be wise to save the pictures according to the content and event. For this, you can create separate folders in the archive.

Do not use Photoshop for the images you collect:

Many people modify the images using Photoshop or various filters. Do not do this at all when collecting images. Because if something is changed with Photoshop, it is no longer the original image. Rather, it becomes a transformed image. So save only the original and unaltered images to highlight the time and relevant importance.

Keep the photo archive in a safe place:

Try to maintain a photo archive for printed photos. Open and clean the archive occasionally. You can occasionally take down the pictures and dry them under a fan to avoid colour burning. Then, archive it again. This way, your old photos will be preserved for a long time.

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