How to Get Thicker Hair Using Natural Methods
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How to Get Thicker Hair Using Natural Methods

Have you recently noticed more hair on your comb than usual? Don’t panic! Hair loss can be daunting, but understanding its causes is the first step towards solving the problem. Whether it’s due to genetics, stress, a poor diet, or even medical treatments like chemotherapy, there’s always a way to address it. In this post, we’ll dive into the common reasons behind hair thinning and share practical tips not only to prevent further loss but also tips on how to get thicker hair. Let’s see how we can get thicker hair with vibrant locks.

1. Get Enough Sleep:

Keep your brain stress-free to combat hair loss in the first place. Do you often find yourself mentally exhausted from overthinking and working your brain too hard? Then, aim for 8–12 hours of sleep each night. Try to go to bed early and wake up simultaneously every day. Following this routine can naturally keep your mind calm and significantly reduce stress.

2. Eat Nutritious Food Daily:

Regular eating habits of nutritious food can significantly reduce hair loss. Try to include milk and nuts in your everyday diet, as these foods are rich in essential vitamins that can help make your hair thicker, healthier, and more beautiful. Avoiding junk and oily foods as much as possible is also good for your hair and scalp.

3. Take Regular Care of Your Hair:

There’s a saying that goes, “Care brings out the best.” It is also true for your hair as well. Regularly caring for your hair can turn even the most lackluster locks into beautiful, healthy-looking hair in no time. To care for your hair, consider using the recommended treatments listed below.

4. Keep Your Body Hydrated:

Hydration is just as crucial for your hair as the moisturizer for your skin. Like your skin, your hair requires hydration to maintain health and prevent hair loss. To ensure you’re getting enough hydration, try to reduce excessive tea or coffee, which can dehydrate your body, and instead, drink plenty of fruit juices and water. Fruit juices and water help replenish your body’s water levels.

Get Thicker Hair Using Natural Hair Packs

Besides taking care of your hair from the inside, using specific hair packs regularly can help thicken thin hair from the outside. You’ll see benefits from incorporating these treatments into your routine.

Amla, Shikakai, and Fenugreek Pack

Dry some fresh amla (Indian gooseberry), shikakai (acacia concinna), and fenugreek seeds and grind them into a powder. Store this powder in a glass jar. Before bathing, mix equal amounts of the amla, shikakai, and fenugreek powder with water to make a smooth paste. Then, add some yogurt, lemon juice, and honey to the mixture. Add a little olive oil if you want. Apply this pack thoroughly, from the roots to the ends of your hair. Cover it with a shower cap. After 20-30 minutes, rinse it off.

Aloe Vera, Henna, and Egg Pack

Aloe vera is commonly used for cooling and solving skin issues because it contains powerful healing properties that can help solve scalp problems, making your hair stronger and healthier. Extract the gel from the aloe vera leaf using a knife or fork and mix it with henna powder and an egg. Add a 1-2 tbsp lemon juice to the mixture. Apply this pack to your hair and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before washing it off.

Vitamin E and Castor Oil

Mix castor oil with coconut oil and Vitamin E capsules three times a week to thicken your hair quickly. Both Vitamin E and castor oil are known to help thicken hair. Apply this mixture to your scalp before bedtime and leave it on for 10–12 hours. Wash it off with a good shampoo afterward. If you take care of your hair this way regularly for a month, you’ll start seeing results.


I hope you’ve learned to take care of and naturally thicken your hair. Regularly following these hair care routines can quickly transform your thin, lifeless hair into thick, beautiful locks. If you know any other methods, feel free to share them in the comments below.