Secrets Of A Consistent Hair Care Routine In Summer
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Secrets Of A Consistent Hair Care Routine In Summer

Today, we will give tips for maintaining a regular summer hair care routine. Bangladesh is a humid and rough-weathered country. In this country, the effect of summer is more severe than winter’s. Due to sweating and fungus infection, hair loss is more likely to occur in the summertime. Because the weather is scorching and hostile, you can feel the sun’s intensity very well if you go outside in summer. It feels as if the sun is burning everything.

At this time, the problems of hair loss are increasing a lot. Rashes and continuous itching and burning sensations growing on the scalp worsen the condition. The scalp produces dandruff, and excessive sweating occurs as a result.

According to hair experts, you must clean your hair and scalp well to avoid hair problems in hot weather. Use shampoo daily, if needed. At this time, your hair can get sweaty and itchy on the scalp, making the follicles softer and weaker. When it pulls and itches, hair starts falling. Sweat and dust can sometimes cause fungal infections on the scalp.

Hair Care Routine in Summer

  • If the hair roots are sweaty from covering the head, dry your hair first after returning home. Never tie your hair too tightly, as it can’t dry the sweat quickly. However, it can weaken hair roots and follicles and increase hair fall.
  • Clean your hair regularly if it becomes sticky due to dust and sweat. After using shampoo, clean your head with plenty of water so that no residue of chemicals can exist on your scalp.
  • If you are prone to dandruff, you can use an anti-dandruff shampoo. However, massage some hot olive oil with lemon on the scalp before using shampoo to help reduce the itching. It will act as a natural bactericidal and conditioner, making your hair soft and more manageable.
  • If your hair becomes dull and rough after using dandruff shampoo, you can use neem oil instead of it. Using neem oil will reduce dandruff, hair loss, and itching and kill the germs that cause dandruff.

Use protein packs once a week to boost hair growth. Mix raw yogurt, fenugreek powder, and a few drops of lemon juice to make a protein pack. You can apply this pack to your hair and keep it for 10–15 minutes before washing it off. Yogurt will moisturize the hair from the roots. And fenugreek powder will increase the shine and excellence of your hair.

  • On the other hand, lemon juice is very effective for removing dandruff. Use this pack once a week. If not possible, apply this pack once a month.
  • You can also mix egg whites, ripe bananas, and sour yogurt to make a protein pack at home. Apply this pack to the hair for one to half an hour and wash the hair.
  • You can mix mango and castor oil to reduce hair loss in the summer. Wash this pack after one hour using a good herbal shampoo.
  • You can choose a comfortable haircut for your hair in the summer. Try to tie the hair as loosely as possible, and don’t tie it too tightly in the summertime. It will make your scalp breathe, and your hair will not sweat quickly.
  • You can use normal air to dry your hair from sweating. If you use a hairdryer, try to avoid the hot air in the summer and use cold air instead.
  • Be sure to keep an umbrella when you go outside in the daytime because it can protect you from sunburn or sudden rainy weather.

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