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We have meticulously crafted a set of guidelines and policies tailored specifically for the convenience and safety of our readers and patrons, ensuring they can enjoy our services without any legal constraints. Similar to many independent websites or blogs, Nokshikonna has established a range of specific terms and conditions that must be adhered to by you as either a reader or user. The following are some key guidelines in this regard:

Utilizing our website implies your complete understanding and agreement to these terms and conditions, including our privacy policy.

Nokshikonna offers a variety of ways for users to engage with our content, including through the World Wide Web, digital social platforms, email newsletters, SMS, and RSS feeds. Users are able to access our content via multiple devices such as mobile phones, computers, or PDAs. However, it’s important to note that we do not condone or allow the duplication or reproduction of our website content in any printed format or other methods.

By accessing and utilizing the content of Nokshikonna, you are implicitly agreeing to adhere to these terms and policies. Should there be any queries or concerns regarding the terms listed here or our privacy policy, we encourage you to contact us or send an email to info@nokshikonna.com.

We are committed to attentively listening to and addressing any feedback, complaints, or objections you may have. However, Nokshikonna reserves the right to either acknowledge or disregard such feedback at our discretion. Compliance with our policies and terms is compulsory for all users, and failure to adhere to these policies could result in restricted access or even termination of your usage rights on our website, along with potential disciplinary measures. In cases where there is a breach of copyright concerning our website’s content, we will initially approach the website where the content was first published. If the issue remains unresolved, we may pursue legal action.

This policy includes all written, audio, and video materials, various types of imagery, digital content, and software developed or obtained by our website.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual assets, including content, logos, copyrights, trademarks, patents, images, writings, graphics, domain names, audio, video, and others, are the exclusive property of Nokshikonna. These are owned by the blog’s founders, authors, and investors.

Users are strictly forbidden from using these intellectual properties for any unauthorized personal or commercial purposes. This includes any modification, distortion, or unauthorized replication of our content. Should any infringement occur, users are expected to report the incident to us at info@nokshikonna.com.

Guidelines for Service Usage

Our website’s visitors and users are expected to interact with our content in a legal and responsible manner. All audio and video content available on our site is intended solely for private listening and viewing, and any other use or distribution of this content is strictly prohibited. While sharing content from Nokshikonna on social media platforms is allowed, altering or misrepresenting our content in a way that could harm our reputation or objectives is not acceptable. Users are also prohibited from any activities that could threaten the security and integrity of our website and its users.

Nokshikonna is designed for non-commercial, personal use. Our information and services are available for users under the following conditions:

  • For personal and non-commercial use only.
  • Users must not alter, sell, or use any information from our website for commercial purposes.
  • Intellectual property rights of other authors featured on our website must be respected. If an author is contracted and compensated by us, their work is considered our property.
  • Posting inflammatory, offensive, or inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to remove such content as necessary.

Content Management

Nokshikonna maintains the right to remove or alter content on its website or app at our discretion. Users must comply with any requests to remove specific content, games, or applications from their devices, as directed by Nokshikonna.

Prohibited Activities

Users are strictly prohibited from associating Nokshikonna with any discriminatory practices or activities that could damage its reputation. This includes avoiding defamation, contempt of court acts, harassment, bullying, or posting offensive, immoral, or obscene content. Personal attacks are also strictly forbidden.

Device Safety

While Nokshikonna endeavours to ensure the security of our website, users are advised to take necessary precautions against potential threats such as viruses or malware, as Nokshikonna cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss incurred through third-party content or external threats. This includes content that may not be directly produced by Nokshikonna but appears on our site.

User Restrictions

Users are prohibited from using any marks, content, or images from Nokshikonna for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. In cases where sharing of Nokshikonna’s content is authorized, proper credit must be given in a manner that clearly attributes the content to Nokshikonna. Users must refrain from claiming credit for any content shared, published, or generated by Nokshikonna

External Website Links

Nokshikonna is not liable for any issues arising from users being redirected to other websites, including unwanted or unsolicited websites.

Third-Party Content

Nokshikonna does not accept any responsibility or liability for third-party content. This includes any content not generated or produced by Nokshikonna but uploaded or displayed on our site.

Privacy Policy Integration

The entire Privacy Policy of Nokshikonna is an integral part of these Terms of Use. All clauses in the Privacy Policy are incorporated by reference, except where they are redundant or identical.


Advertisements on Nokshikonna’s website and mobile apps are provided by third-party companies. Nokshikonna is not responsible for any information collected by these companies or any consequences arising from the interaction with such advertisements.

Modification of Terms

Nokshikonna reserves the right to modify, change, or omit any terms in the Terms of Use at any time. The website will be promptly updated with any changes. By continuing to use our services after these changes, you are indicating your acceptance of the new terms. We encourage regular review of these policies for the latest information on our practices.

Cookie Policy

Nokshikonna does not collect or store any user data based on cookies. However, third-party associates on the Nokshikonna website may use cookies, over which we have no control. Users should review the cookie policies of these third-party sites.

User Registration and Communication

Upon registering with Nokshikonna, personal identity information is collected for verification purposes. This information is not shared with third parties but may be used for communication from Nokshikonna or its affiliates.

User-Generated Content

Users may submit content such as comments, pictures, and videos to Nokshikonna. By posting content, users affirm ownership or necessary permissions and ensure the content is not illegal or offensive. Nokshikonna does not endorse user-generated content and cannot vouch for its accuracy or legality.

Content Posting and Viewing

Users acknowledge that they post and view content on Nokshikonna at their own risk and discretion. Nokshikonna is not responsible for the accuracy of content provided by third parties and advises users to verify such information independently.

Service Interruptions

While Nokshikonna strives to ensure continuous operation, we are not liable for any interruptions or issues arising from external factors. This includes technical issues, internet traffic, or problems with third-party content.

Governing Law

The use of Nokshikonna and its services is governed by the laws of Bangladesh. Any disputes must be addressed through arbitration in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in accordance with the Arbitration Act, 2001.

Opt-Out Options

Users wishing to unsubscribe from marketing emails can use the unsubscribe options provided. To terminate a registered account, users can email info@nokshikonna.com.