Neem Health Benefits For Health and Its Healing Power
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Neem Health Benefits For Health and Its Healing Power

The healing power and health benefits of neem are outstanding. It is a natural remedy known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has offered a holistic approach for thousands of years of human healthcare history. The neem tree is a well-known tree in Bangladesh and the Asian region. Its scientific name is Azadirachta indica. This medicinal tree’s branches, leaves, sap, and roots are all usable. The neem tree lives for many years and is an evergreen tree. It grows everywhere in Bangladesh but is very common in the northern part of the country. The neem tree is famous for its medicinal properties and is also known as a natural filter. Our society believes that having neem trees around the house reduces diseases and pests.

Various Uses of Neem Health Benefits

Nowadays, many cosmetics, especially soaps and handwashes, are made from the sap of neem leaves. Neem sap effectively treats stomach ailments, especially due to worm infections. Neem wood tastes bitter, so it doesn’t get infested with termites or insects, nor do woodworms eat it. For this reason, furniture made of neem wood is very durable and widely used.

Since ancient times, people have used neem wood to make musical instruments. However, to maintain environmental balance, the government should regulate the cutting of neem trees and prevent their unnecessary use. The World Health Organization has recognized neem as the tree of the 21st century due to its numerous health and environmental benefits. Let’s learn about some beneficial uses of the neem tree:

Cough-related chest pain:

Chest pain and breathing difficulties are very familiar health problems due to coughing in cold weather. You can drink 30 drops of neem leaf sap mixed in slightly warm water to alleviate chest pain and liquefy the cough. Drinking this 3–4 times a day will relieve cough-related chest pain. However, pregnant women, children, and elderly people should not take this medicine.

Natural Pesticides for Worms:

Children can become thin and pale, and their stomachs swell due to worms. Neem leaf sap is a very good anthelmintic. Use the powder of neem leaf to make this medicine. Mix 50 mg of neem bark powder with water and give it to the affected person three times daily with yogurt.

Lice prevention:

People generally get lice due to uncleanliness. Apply crushed neem leaves lightly to your scalp. After keeping it for an hour, wash it off. Applying this way for 2–3 days will kill all the lice.

Menstrual regulation:

Make small pills by grinding equal amounts of neem leaves and raw turmeric and drying them. Taking one or two of these pills with water on an empty stomach in the morning for three consecutive months will regularize menstruation.


For long-term stomach ailments and diarrhea, mix 30 drops of neem leaf sap with half a cup of water and drink it in the morning and evening for relief.


Boil neem leaves in clean water. Bathing with this water will cure scabies. Applying a paste of leaves or flowers will relieve the itching if it occurs in any area due to scabies or an allergic rash.

Insect Bites:

Applying crushed neem bark or leaves to the bitten or stung area reduces pain and itching.

Dental Diseases:

Regularly cleaning teeth with neem leaf, bark powder, or neem twigs will strengthen the teeth and protect against dental diseases.


For jaundice or gallbladder diseases, drink neem leaf sap mixed with a bit of honey on an empty stomach in the morning daily. The dosage is 5–11 drops for children and 1 tsp for adults.

Acne treatment:

Neem leaf powder can also treat acne and can be used as a face pack. Make a paste using neem powder with rose water to apply on your face for 20–30 minutes. It will keep the skin healthy and germ-free.


Take five black peppercorns and ten neem leaves together on an empty stomach in the morning. Instead of relying on artificial medications, focus on natural ways to stay healthy. Nature’s extraordinary elements are available around us. And using them properly will keep us healthy, energetic, and disease-free. Stay healthy yourself, and keep your family healthy.